Bad credit mobile phones

An insightful overview to Bad credit mobile phones

To have bad credit is akin to having a bad reputation at least in the eyes of financial lenders and mobile phone contract providers. For many years, UK citizens with a poor credit score bore the brunt of outright rejections, the mental anguish of second class treatment when it came to approval of loans and mobile phone contracts as well as the never ending anxiety when it came to applying for a phone contract. In fact, looking back at how gloomy the situation was back in the days, it’s almost unfathomable to imagine that bad credit mobile phones have indeed changed the landscape as we used to know it.


Bad credit mobile phones simply refers to a mobile phone contract specifically designed for individuals whose credit score is less than average or is incredibly low. The unveiling of bad credit mobile phones was at first looked upon with suspicions as UK citizens couldn’t fathom getting approved for a phone contract with bad credit. Fast forward to today and bad credit mobile phones have become the in thing and a saving grace to most UK citizens with a poor credit rating. All that a person needs to do is to provide proof of citizenship, be 18 or over the age of 18 years and show proof that they receive a regular income.

While on paper the basic requirements look like a walkover, the challenge is in getting a good deal. Most people owing to their past experiences and difficulty in availing a phone contract resort to applying with the first provider they make contact with. However, this need not be the case as you could actually be losing out on a better deal. Secondly, with thousands of providers stating that they offer bad credit phones, it could somewhat prove tricky discerning the right provider for your individual needs. So how do you go about this?

Well, for starters, it’s imperative that you do not apply for bad credit mobile phones out of desperation. Desperation makes people to throw caution out of the wind and apply with the first provider that accepts them. Take time to do research and understand how a given provider operates, the caliber of their packages, how they treat customers, how they handle complaints, the professionalism of their customer personnel and so on and so forth. Do not limit research to personal undertaking.

You should seek a second opinion from say a friend or a work colleague. There are probably friends or work colleagues who have previously applied for bad credit phones and therefore can point you in the right direction in so far as applying for a mobile phone contract is concerned. Conversely, if you are a greenhorn, you can make use of comparison or review sites that do carry out wholesome reviews and comparisons of various providers. From their reviews, you get a sneak peek into the plans offered, the prices for each plan, and the length of period you can be locked in a contract, the perks offered and so many other things.


You also need to engage the providers in question as to whether they don’t run credit checks in totality or if they do but the results do not have a bearing on the final decision. In addition to that, don’t forget to haggle for a better deal. Don’t be the kind of person who accepts any deal written on paper. You never know as you could actually negotiate for a better deal and end up saving some cash on your contract. Last but not least, before you append your signature on the contract, ensure that you read the fine print. This is simply to avert a situation where you have to deal with hidden charges later on.

Latest Smartphones

How to Contact a provider that compares Latest Smartphones in the UK

Do you have trouble choosing the best or latest Smartphone to buy in the United Kingdom? If you do, it is essential that you choose a provider that can assist you in your decision making process. The provider you settle for should be reachable any hour of the day or night. In addition to that, any dealer of the latest smartphones should be able to be reached in any of the following ways:


Tracking Orders

The customer service office should remain open to handle all requests at all times. The customer service team should not only be friendly and knowledgeable, but also renowned for fast response times. Therefore, your problem or issue doesn’t go for too long without receiving the appropriate attention and solutions.

Online Form

A reputable provider offering comparisons of the latest smartphones should have an online form that you can fill with all the details regarding the exact nature of your request. The form should be clearly displayed on the websites and responses to customer queries should be within reasonable time. At least not beyond 24 hours. However, this is just a stop gap measure but a customer should be able to call them for urgent inquiries as well as email them if need be.

Alternatively, feel free to visit the nearest store for help. Details regarding the physical address of the exact location should be clearly displayed on the website.

Social Media

In addition to the above mentioned avenues of contacting a potential provider, you should also get in touch with the customer service team through any social media account. You should be able to find them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. Tag them so that they know you need their attention on an issue that has troubled your mind for long and needs resolution quickly or if you are simply stuck on the kind of smartphone to buy.


In any case, when you are comparing the latest smartphones, you want variety in terms of the platforms you can reach service provider as well as spontaneous responses. Most providers offering comparison services have utilized all the aforementioned channels to ensure that all the needs of customers are met beyond measure. At the end of the day, it all boils down to quality of services delivered as well as how satisfied the customer is. After all, deciding on the latest smartphone to buy can prove tricky especially with so many options to choose from!

Latest Smartphones

Comparing Latest Smartphones-what to consider

Finding the best Smartphone in the United Kingdom can be a daunting task. Moving from one seller to the next takes too much work. Fortunately, you can now search for any Smartphone that you need from the comfort of your home or office. You don’t have to leave and drive from one store to the next searching for the best deal. This is because of the all-in-one services that various sellers provide to customers all over the United Kingdom.

Different Brands

There are a wide range of brands you can choose from if you are seeking for the latest smartphone in the market. These are:

  1. Motorola
  2. Samsung
  3. HTC
  4. BlackBerry
  5. Huawei
  6. Xiaomi



Different Operating Systems

Next on the to-do list after deciding on the brand is the operating system. You can choose a phone operating on Android, iPhone, Windows or even Blackberry operating system. If you are clueless on the kind of operating system to go for, ensure you do business with a seller that knows everything about Smartphones, thus capable of providing you with all the information needed to make good choices.

As stated earlier, choosing a Smartphone is a bit complex. Without proper information, you’d make costly mistakes. The operating system is just but one factor that you must use to determine the kind of device to buy. Other factors that you should base your decision on include design of the Smartphone and screen. Don’t ignore the specs that include storage, memory and processor. Cameras and other hardware are just as important.

The battery life deserves much attention, although many people are not aware of this. Look for phones that can charge fast because of the presence of features like USB Type-C, which is also reversible. Quick Charge 3.0 is equally important and could be the difference between charging your phone fully within minutes when departing for an important event and leaving the house with a phone whose battery won’t survive the next 1 hour.

Pocket-Friendly Rates

Smartphones are not cheap anywhere in the world, and this includes the UK. For example, the retail price for OnePlus X is around £199 while the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge costs £629. With our help, you can save some money, but still end up with an excellent Smartphone that meets all your needs. In addition to price, the weight of the phone is worth looking into, as you don’t want to be moving around with an excessively heavy gadget that causes you all manner of discomfort.


Galaxy s7 vs. LG G5

Comparison between Samsung galaxy s7 vs. LG G5

The recent Mobile World Congress saw the unveiling of the latest flagship phones from Samsung and LG. The mercurial Samsung s7 and LG G5 are the talk of the town and have got android phone lovers salivating at the prospect of owning one of the latest flagship phones. As if worrying about Apple is not enough, Samsung has to contend with the mercurial rise of LG smartphones that seem to up their game in terms of the quality of smartphones they unveil each New Year. In fact, LG chose to unveil its magnificent LG G5 at the Mobile World Congress coinciding with the unveiling of Samsung s7 which essentially means that for once, the attention of the world was not entirely on Samsung. Shifting away from the theatrics and politics that come with the same, let’s get to business and closely scrutinize what makes these two distinct pieces of technological wonder unique. Are you in a dilemma as to whether to buy Samsung Galaxy s7 or LG G5? If yes, we hope that the comparison of the two will ultimately make your decision easier.

Design and display

It’s imperative to note that most of the rumors prior to the unveiling of these two great smartphones were pretty much spot on. The Galaxy s7 boasts of a 5.1” display with a SUPER AMOLED display that features QHD 2560*1440 pixels. LG G5 on the other hand boasts of a 5.3” LCD screen display. Both the two smartphones boast of 2K resolution. In light of this, it’s essential to note that the screens of the two smartphones are perfect and make it possible for you to enjoy crystal clear videos, photos as well as texts.


As regards performance, you will be spoilt for choice as to whether to go for LG G5 or Galaxy s7. Both magnificent smartphones boast of snapdragon 820 chipset with 4GB of Ram. Essentially, speed is what the manufacturers had in mind when producing these two phones. Comparably, it’s imperative to note that previous LG models were less powerful and therefore LG G5 has upped its game to stand toe to toe with their Samsung counterparts in so far as their latest flagship phone is concerned. We can say without any fear of contradictions that these two phones are beasts in terms of performance and only a few phones can compare to their power.


If you have been waiting on end for a smartphone with the latest software update, you can’t go wrong in buying LG G5 or Galaxy S7. Both the smartphones are powered by android marshmallow which is the latest version. The LG G5 spots the newest version LG UX 5.0 while Samsung Galaxy s7 boasts of its TouchWiz. Just to recap, TouchWiz has come a long way over the years and has greatly improved in terms of speed. It is no longer as slow as it was and currently boasts of unique features such as Game Launcher, Samsung Pay, Side Sync and Knox. The software used by Samsung undergoes improvement every year and therefore it’s important to take this into consideration when choosing which of the 2 to buy.


Compared to the galaxy s6, the galaxy s7 has an improved rear camera in as much as the resolution has dropped a little from 16 megapixels that the galaxy s6 spotted to the 12 megapixels that currently the galaxy s7 spots. However, this should not be a matter of concern as Samsung’s aim was to improve its camera interactively. Every pixel of the camera has increased and this essentially means that more light is let in. Samsung themselves stated that galaxy s7 is 95% more better than s6 when it comes to taking photos in low light conditions. On the other hand, G5 took a different approach to s7. They chose to retail the 16 megapixels rear camera and 8MP front camera just like the ones the G4 spotted but added a 135 degree wide angle camera on the rear of the phone.



It could be too early to say which phone you should go for as the ultimate decision lies on your tastes and preferences. Both phones are a delight and their features are unique and distinct. It’s upon the buyer to decide which features he/she is at home with one and go one that best meets their needs!